Mission Statement

WE CARE FOR YOUR INVESTMENT” is our motto. To accomplish this requires an understanding from ALL parties involved that “you get back what you put out”. To get a good tenant who will appreciate and participate in home maintenance requires a corresponding property owner willing to provide a home that is well maintained and committed to keep it that way, AND, a property manager willing to do the work it takes to bring these two together and prepare the home for rent.

It is our policy as property managers to give possession of a home to the Tenant in “move-in” condition. This means with all systems working and cleaning done to a professional level. When the walk-thru with the Tenant is done, any items that are not working, any cosmetic defects, and any cleaning undone will be noted. The fewer items requiring notation at move-in, the easier it is to determine the Tenant’s level of responsibility for changes in condition when he moves out. It is our intention to hold the Tenant responsible for returning the home in the same condition in which he received it, with the exception of normal wear and tear. This process assures the Owner of the highest level of accountability for the condition of the home.

To accomplish our goal of “move-in” condition the home will need to be inspected by us and the necessary work determined and sourced out to the appropriate vendor. Some amount of interior painting is usually required. Information from the owner regarding matching paint brands, finishes and colors, will make touching up the paint possible and reduce the cost significantly. Cleaning will need to be done just prior to the transfer of possession, including window and door tracks, light bulbs, blinds, windows in and out, and carpets. Often we need to send our handyman to replace furnace filters, light bulbs, and make minor adjustments to toilets, cabinet doors, gates, etc. And, to insure the Tenant’s right to security, we will need to change the locks.

Finally, we provide an additional service to the Tenant after he has taken possession, which we believe, saves the Owner considerable amounts in service calls avoided over the course of the tenancy. We call it a “System Check”. Our handyman goes through the home with the Tenant and reviews the gas and water shut offs, electrical breakers and GFI’s, furnace filter maintenance, smoke detector batteries, blind operation, sprinkler system timers, and other relevant issues. A checklist is signed by the Tenant stating that he has received instruction in all listed items. If a service call is needed later for an item on which the Tenant received instruction, the Tenant will be billed for the trip. Well-educated Tenants will better protect the home in the event of a plumbing emergency, potentially saving the Owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

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